Misc Surgical Disposables Arthrex, Biogel, Medtronic

ID: j8x3r43z
Long Beach, CA
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June 16 2023, 10:00:00 AM
This Lot has been recalled by the Seller

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Arthrex Syndesmosis TightRope XP Implant Stainless Steel

New In dated

Arthrex Pumping Tubing

Exp: AR-6410


Arthrex Ref: AR-6540

Exp: 2023-12-31


Exp: 2026-07-31

Midas Rex Medtronic Ref: 7BA30D-MN (5)

Ref: 14MH30 (1)

Cooper Surgical Elastic Stays

Ref: 3311-8G

(4) Exp: 2026/2024

Ref: 3334-4G

(1) Exp: 2026

Ref: 3316-8G

(5) Exp: 2026/2027

Sold as is

It's sterile
Only one Seal is open. But Still Usable

Exp: 2026-05-31
Tags: Surgical
Seller: QVP Medical
Inspection, Removal & Shipping
Long Beach, CA